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Zombocalypse is an online action game where players fight through wave upon wave of undead. Bloody tags, weapons , and zombies work together to comprise the game. The game is based on the Ironzilla game of the series. It’s one of the most polished, as well as one of the highest definition graphic games on the market. With lots of entertaining features, such as left and right movements you can keep the crowds or zombies at bay by chopping off their heads. You can use firepower, and military supplies. Hoarding a stash of weapons is also possible, this allows you to unload a clip until it’s empty. Once you have emptied your gun your free to grab the next gun that hits the ground, but you better grab it before someone else does. If your successful in your attempt you will reinstate
your blade for battle. Backup assaults are also available by escalating your kill combo. Backup assaults are often needed when the zombies start mobbing. Weapon drops can include funny objects such as chain guns and flame throwers. These drops can include some barriers like a slow sniper rifle or a close knot sheild while killling zombies. Surviving these obstacles will let you upgrade your level and achievements. This will help you move through the various levels of the game smoothly. Although Zombocalypse is a free online game, it has all the amazing premium features you would find as you move through game. The game offers a fun and unique experience allowing you to change the backgrounds and even zombie heads throughout the game. Offering its players over 25 levels of action packed fun, Zombocalypse has had millions of players online and scored itself a five star rating from its gamers.

The basic keyboard controls you will need to battle through the game are :

· Right And Left Arrow Keys - controls the right and left movements
· Space Bar - used to open fire on your enemies
· Down Arrow – Helps you pick up a weapon of power-up
· Up Arrow – used to engage your backup weapon

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